About Us
                                                                  I am the owner of Reid's Pet Sitting, and my love of
                                                                  animals and my experience in the pet industry made a career
                                                                  as a professional pet sitter a natural fit for me.
                                                                  Once I decided that I wanted to become a pet sitter, the best        
                                                                   decision I made was to join NAPPS.(National Association of
Professional Sitters
http://www.petsitters.org) I chose NAPPS primarily because it is a nonprofit
membership association. To me, that indicated that the Association was here to look after the pet
sitter's best interests, in both services and education.  NAPPS affords me the opportunities of
continued education, networking with other sitters, staying updated about the pet sitting industry
as well as staying informed about the current advances in animal health and care.

I am Insured and Bonded and have achieved NAPPS Certification. I attend the annual conferences,
which allows me to take the First Aid training courses and participate in all the educational
sessions. I am currently serving as the 2009 NAPPS Secretary-Treasurer, as well as the Chair of the
Website Committee and Nappschat Moderator.

One of the best rewards about this job are all the slobbery dog kisses or a purring kitty showing
their love and appreciation, when I visit.  What job could be better than that? They let you know
when you're doing a good job. I am also rewarded by giving my clients the peace of mind, that
allows them to leave without worry, knowing their home and pets are being well taken care of in
their absence. I absolutely adore all my furry clients and their Moms and Dads too!

Ultimately, my goal is to have a well-respected, responsible and caring service. I strive to make my
business, a quality business that I can be proud of and insures the well being of those beloved
furry family members in my care. Since starting my service in 2004, the business has become a
successful full time endeavor of joy.
Susan Reid
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                                                       Our "Part-timers"

    Lorrie has worked full time for the county for 25+ years but helps us out weekends and
    evenings during our busy times. Lorrie has attended many animal care seminars and
    considers her love of animals and common sense a true asset to her qualifications. Lorrie is
    owned by 3 boxers, a doxi-chi mix and 4 kitties.

     Kara-(bio to come)

 Debbie- (bio to come)