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What our Clients have to say........
    We are three dubiously trained dogs – a leaping Golden, an introverted
    miniature Doberman, and a doofus dachshund mix. All of us were rescued
    and live lives of happy luxury with a single woman whose paycheck is here,
    but whose granddaughter is in Portland. Sue Reid is wonderful to spend
    time with when our owner has the audacity to leave. Sue brings us treats,
    toys, and much attention. She always goes the extra mile. She put a lock
    on the back gate, she was the first to see the huge tree blown over onto
    the fence, and she gives us plenty of time to play in the backyard. Sue is
    responsible, kind, and a wonderful asset to the pet and human population
    of Merced.
                                                    Bear, Star & Chloe
                                                     (with Mom Carol’s help)

    The Reid's Pet Sitting Service has made a wonderful
    difference in our lives. I can travel  worry-free
    knowing that our dogs are happier than if they were
    with us.
    Susan provides a sitting service in a professional,
    responsible, honest, skilled, and knowledgeable
    fashion; sometimes I feel she takes better care of
    our furry critters than we do!
    My male dog can be a problem because he is so
    energetic and slow to warm-up to strangers but both
    our dogs fell in love with Susan immediately . If she
    sees a problem she notifies the owner but actually
    she has the problem solved before the owner has the
    time to worry.
    We recommend Reid Pet Sitting Service without
    reservation!  Thanks Susan.
                          Deer & Red
Sue's service is very convenient and non-intrusive.  She gets our mail
and takes in the paper so our apartment neighbors have no idea we are
gone.  Bobby is well taken care of and it is the best type of
arrangement for him short of us being there.
                         Bobby's Mom
Dear Sue,

Thanks again for taking care of my fish while I was back in the Midwest and        
Mid South.  You did a wonderful job with my plants too considering I heard the  
 weather was really hot a few days I was gone. Kind of like now. Here are the     
 pictures of my fish and I sent one of Londo  for you. That food you                       
 recommended is working too... Thanks again.
    A dog's best friend...
    We love our "Aunty" Sue. When our mom is away, she comes to play with
    us. Sometimes she brings special toys and we play till our tongues touch
    the ground. She gives us treats and of course our food and fresh water.
    One time our Mom had an emergency and she said knowing she could rely
    on Aunty Sue to take care of us, made a hard time so much easier.
    Mom said Aunty Sue was an angel for our neighbor who needed lots of
    help for months. She has put fences around pools, gotten doggie doors
    installed, and even helped rescue stray kittens out of the bushes.
    We miss our Aunty Sue when our Mom stays home. Aunty Sue even lets
    us watch TV late at night. And she always leaves a light on.
                                                                              Love, Tien, Mei-Li, and Yuan
                      P.S. The cats say they don't feel like writing right now.

    At the time I found Reid's Pet Sitting I had four dogs and a cat.  My husband
    and I had not been on an extended vacation together in seven years because
    I couldn't bear to leave my animals at a kennel with strangers.  But we
    needed a vacation, so we began to discuss possibilities.  
      During the early planning phase of our vacation, a very close friend of
    mine boarded her three dogs at a very reputable kennel.  Unfortunately, her
    senior dog did not adjust well at all and suffered a health-related setback
    because of being kenneled.  My friend was devastated and I was convinced
    more than ever that I could not leave my own precious animals anywhere
    other than home, but I was unable to find any friends or relatives that
    could stay at the house while we were gone.  I began to believe our much-
    needed vacation would never happen.
    Then I came across an article in the SunStar about Reid's Pet Sitting
    business.  I called Sue and the rest is history.  
    Sue came to the house for a meet & greet a few days before we left. I felt
    very comfortable leaving my babies in her very professional hands.  Sue
    didn't let us down.  
    My husband and I enjoyed our vacation and came home to healthy, happy
    pets.  I would use her services again in a heartbeat, and I highly recommend
    her to anyone who is thinking about being away from home for any period
    of time.

    Donevon & Gregg Murrell
    I can't say enough about how happy I am with Reid's Pet Sitting.  Sue is
    easy to reach, even on short notice.  She treats my animals as if they
    were her own.  She suggests healthy foods for my pets, and she brings
    treats and toys to entertain them while I am gone.
                                                                                  Sandee K.
                                                                  Missy, Cleo, Neko (& Dooney too!)
More entries coming soon...
More entries coming soon...
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